? about Texas licensing

I have a quick question about Texas licensing. I’m in Colorado, not licensed in Texas. Have an opportunity to do an investment/commercial/portfolio inspection in Texas. It’s 60 duplexes (120 residential units). Under Texas licensing, do you know if that’s considered residential or commercial? Or do you know where I can find the answer? Thanks.

Doesn’t make any difference. You must be licensed in Texas to do either residential or commercial. TREC governs all RE transactions. See the next to last FAQ here.

Commercial if the building exceeds 4 units. Not sure if a large group of duplexes with a single buyer falls under TREC jurisdiction. It shouldn’t, but that doesn’t necessarily mean much. You can look at inspector regs here http://www.trec.state.tx.us/ or try giving TREC a call (get the name of whomever you talk to, because the answer may vary from person to person)

Here’s an e-mail exchange with TREC that I base my opinion on. Ms. Bijansky is now Assistant General Counsel:

I have since confirmed this verbally with the General Counsel as well.

Oh well. I guess you can pass it along to one of your TX based colleagues.