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I am beginning the prerequisite “25 Practices Every Inspector Should Know” having now successfully completed several of the other Non-prerequisite courses. I find these message boards a bit difficult to navigate and get involved in. Is it just me?

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It is a little difficult.

I am beginning the How to Inspect Exterior Course. Let’s roll!

I have finished the course for the Standards and of Practice and Passed. Really enjoying learning the correct terminology coming from a background in renovating homes. Realizing now, I thought I knew all about remodeling. But I was wrong. Great to have this information to read and study as I go along to become more knowledgable in the building industry. Hopefully to help new homeowners save money and inform them of systems and components they wasn’t aware of.

I am now taking the Code of Ethics Course. The more I dive deeper into the material the more passionate I get.

Kentucky Resident

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i im taking a course today

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Hello, my name is Francisco and I will be starting the Residential Plumbing Overview for Inspectors course.

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How is going everyone

Working on the Code of Ethics class

I have completed all but the inspection and writing assignment for roof inspections. Can I start the next course until I am able to perform the writing and inspection report?

Any advice on preparing for the state exam in FL? First time here on internachi.

Just starting InterNACHI course, super excited!

good evening everyone, I did the 120 hours home inspector course with another school because I never heard about internachi, shame on me, then I passed my proctored state exam with internachi and have my home inspector license already and now I realize am not internachi certified and need to past the 120 hour course again, my god, I really want to be certified by internachi but do it again is too much, anybody knows if really I need to do it again? I need your help, I’m frustrated right now. :joy: :joy: