? About this plumbing

Hey guys,

Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Please see attached photos.

Is this a form of Polybutylene plumbing? I was caught off guard when I saw this type of piping. About 20 feet of it runs from the water heater and then connects to copper which feeds the rest of the supply lines in the home. The grey piping does not appear to be very old.

Any direction is greatly appreciated. This is for a Four Point Inspection.

Looks like it to me. It has the 3309 on it.

QEST PB2110 is more pertinant.

Nice catch… and thanks for posting a picture that is helpful!!! :wink:

and PB2110

It sure is Justin good Pic of it too.


ASTM 3309 yes it’s poly !

Hey thanks for all the help guys. This isnt the best Inspector’s Association for nothing.

I can only assume this is going to be an issue for the insurance company.

At least there’s only 20 feet of it. Should be an easy fix.

Poly B all right!
Easy fix with shark fittings!
Looks good though!

How can you say there is only 20 feet of it. Did you open the walls?

No need to. The garage has an unfinsished ceiling. The piping runs up the wall and then connects to copper pipping which feeds the supply lines to the rest of the home.

That sounds to be like they might have re-plumbed most of the home. Usually when you see that pipe on the water heater, it is or was in the rest of the house. I would check permits or try to obtain a history or disclosure from the seller.

I wouldn’t make the assumption that the only area of poly is what you saw in the garage.
I have found in numerous instances where there were copper stubs and poly pipe as well as some areas that have been replaced, in an attic for instance, where the rest was not.

No assumptions made here. The question on the form is pretty cut and dry. Is there any poly? Yes or No. Thats all I answered.

Its going to be up to the insurance provider and the homeowner what their next course of action should be. I just report what I observe.