About to launch our biggest project to generate more work for members.


Wow , looks great!

Send a copy to Lewis and Tracy so that they can see that Nachi has been upgraded to InterNachi.:smiley:

keep on knock em out of the ball park

NACHI Rocks again . Loks good Thanks NACHI …
… Cookie



Look’s great Nick . . . thanks for all you do!!!

very nice

I like it…I’m looking forward to the mass worldwide distribution.

If you ever get some newspaper stands, I will distribute them in Central Missouri. One in front of every realestate office.

Excellent! As always, out in front! Can’t wait to start handing these out.

Fantastic. Thanks, Nick.


This is a great idea. Do you have lists as to where the papers go by region? Let me know so I know how many to buy.

I’m hoping I’ll have all that posted here by Monday. Wish me luck, there are a lot of great football games on between now and then.

Have a big Realtors seminar I am putting on to talk about the new Radon disclosure laws coming up December 20th. Would like to include this? Great job!
Happy Thanksgiving,

Everyone doing an www.nachi.org/events.htm will get them in bundles.

I tried to do this years ago but got in a big Trademark fight over Real Property Times, which we finally won.

Jay Keany is building a system so that you all can order a customized stick-on label with your personal inspection business contact information on it that you can affix to the bottom right front page of www.nachi.org/rpt07.htm

I’ll have more on it this weekend.