Above the Fold


"Above the Fold" on Your Website

Make sure the best content, your main message, the critical stuff that will attract attention, is located above the fold.

“Above the fold” means the location in the top part of the screen that the site visitor sees before scrolling down.

Your best information should be above the fold so that people can see right away what you want them to see.

There’s a general pattern to the way people browse a web page:

  • Visitors will scan your site, looking at the main sections of the page above the fold;

  • In about 3 seconds, they will choose to stay on that page or move on; and

  • When a visitors stays on a page, they look at the top part of the screen, with a concentration at the upper-left corner.

    When people decide to stay on a page and read content (copy or words), they move their eyes left to right with a concentration to the main chunk of content at the upper-left corner.

A visitor’s eyes will move differently over a photo-heavy page, a page with a video or a page with a two- or three-column layout.

According to research, visitors tend to look at logos that are colorful and interesting, videos screens and pictures.**For more information about marketing and your website: **
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