ABS acceptable for combustion vent

Found 2 CAT heaters in a house. These are vented catalytic gas heaters. Do they vent cool enough to use ABS for the vent line? Found them on the internet but could not find an installation book.

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“Regular Schedule 40 ABS or PVC drainpipe can be used for up to 20’ of additional exhaust pipe with up to four 90 degree turns. The exhaust pipe can be routed out of the back of the heater, down from the heater, to either side, or straight up. Care should be taken in routing and connecting the gas line, which should be performed by a qualified person.”

Could be manufacturer specific and would recommend checking manufacturers installation instructions.

It depends on the particular furnaces exhaust gas temp.

Consult the mfgs. documents.

Thanks - could not find the manufacturer instruction on the internet.

Make and model please.

The only thing isted was the name - the data plate only listed the specs for electric and gas. Could not find anything else - it was installed in about 1971.

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You might try contacting them here.


Thanks Tony. I have a starting reference.

The ID or Model plate with serial number are underneath at times.
Real buggers.

Any small pullout doorway for the pilot and temp control?

A little Mirror underneath works at finding those hidden plates with all the information.

My bore scope need 3" inches of clearance. A cell phone 1" and time the shot.

All the best.

How funny, I was just about to post nearly the exact same question.

Did a manufactured home last night with a 90% and the intake and flue were both ABS. First time in 8 years I have ever seen that. I assumed on an 90% the temp would be okay but I thought I should check with the HVAC guys on here.

Also, does anyone have a good illustration of a 90% intake and flue properly exiting through the roof?