ABS Fill/Vent pipes on Heating Oil Tank

This is a new one for me. This morning’s inspection had ABS piping for the Vent and Fill on the heating oil tank. Typically I see Black Iron or Galvanized piping. Any comments?

Yeah! Call it. Usually not allowed unless you have no regulations. In my area, they also do not allow copper pipes.

If there are no regs, call an insurance company…they’ll usually want to see them replaced with black iron or galvanized steel pipes. Residential oils spills in my area have cost up to $1.5 millions. Just heard on a radio “energy question” phone-in on Monday, in one case, a home was demolished as it was the cheapest way to excavate all the contaminated soils beneath it.

In my county it has to be galvanized or black iron.

Galvanized or black iron in Connecticut.

Galvanized is all I ever see in NC

Thanks for the comments guys. I will go ahead and call it.