ABS plumbing pipe for conduit/sleeve

Exterior meter base used ABS plumbing pipe to run SE cable through to main service disconnect/panel. Since SE cable doesn’t require conduit, this would be acceptable, technically, correct? Or am I totally wrong in my line of thinking (which happens from time to time:))? It was clamped via knockout at the main panel/service disconnect. Thanx in advance.

If it’s mechanically connected to the meter base, would that be a “violation” due to it not being UL listed/material?

Should I just say it’s an improper material and have an electrician figure it out/change it - lol?

Permitted as a sleeve when using a properly listed wiring method within it but certainly not permissible when attached to the enclosure like it is in your photo. I want to know how they pulled it through that plumbing elbow.

I’d like to know how it went from ABS back to metallic threads in the panel.
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