Absolutely nothing to do with Home Inspections

But one of the coolest things I have seen in many years.


That is different for sure, Thanks for sharing

Wow! That’s awsome :slight_smile:

That is boss.

Great good find thanks for sharing

Cool…I could get it to take out the garbage!

They really are “Beach Beasts”, aren’t they?

No. They’re strand beests.

They may be good broiled and dipped in butter :wink:

Those are really cool … and a little scary.

In het Engels, “strand beesten” zou worden “beach beasts”

What ,no gas or oil.
This will make Conservatives angry.:slight_smile:
Great find Doug and now I want to build one.

“Strand” is a very common English word for “beach”](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4gii7MPWC9w).

True, Joe, however ‘strand’ is not as commonly used in North America as it is in Britain, or Ireland, and it actually means “beach” in Holland, and Germany.


At first I thought they were made of bamboo and I thought it was cool but when he said pvc I changed my mind. That guy needs to get laid.

That was fantastic.
This mans mind is fluid as the machines he builds. Architect, mechanic, siantist, and art.
When you think of nature and the energy that exists already the need for fossil fuels is needless but mans wanton need to advance further faster than he should.
Thanks sure beats Mike Holmes.

“Der Strand Nachbar Terrorist”

Son of a strand! Oh, oh, now the grammar police are going to get me.
Government Motors will probably give the guy $70,000,000.00 so put up a building and start to manufacture them for resale. They will be offered for $45,000.00 with a $5000.00 rebate because of clean energy. I can’t wait for ohbummer to announce this next great “investment” in green technology.

Mr.Kahn. I do not think you would like to have that home repossessed would you ?
All those men and women on the assembly lines go jobless ?
So when your last president MR.BUSH dropped the ball on the BIGGEST items the WORLD has ever seen, and are paying dearly for his mistakes this man is simply trying to clean up some one elses BIG MESS…
You have to brush up on humility because the **WORLD WILL REMEMBER this for a long time to come Mr. Kahn, and who started this financial crises and war against Muslims and Christean.
And yes it takes 2 to fight.
**So President Obama is trying to help the country I have heard you talk so proudly about on another thread.
Loyalty and unwavering steadfast devotion to causes is what is needed Mr.Kahn.
Not a flip flop attitude of ( hurry I can not wait for change any longer ) or the coming of a new political party mirrored by a revolution that happened over 2 hundred years ago and lead by a woman that talks to the American people like a country hick, and thinks like a child.
So please Mr.Kahn he is a man like you and I .
He does not need revolt, but loyalty and devotion and the backing of every individual to push forward during hard times.
We all forget our place in times of despair and anguish.

Robert They cant help themselves . Take a interesting post make it Political is what they do