AC condensation contributing (not the cause) of water intrusion

Water should not enter a basement. AC condensation discharging at the foundation will add to the problem. I recommend extending AC condensation discharge several feet away from the foundation.
Here are a couple of photos.

Why do you say “not the cause”??

Because the “cause” is failure of the foundation waterproofing membrane/drainage system. The condensation line is saturating the soil, but, just like negative slope, downspouts etc. it may only be “contributing” to a larger problem. And in my experience here in GA with our clay soil and building techniques used in 1970…the foundation drains are likely full of clay and the tar on the foundation walls has likely deteriorated. So, I do not box myself in.

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The “cause” is the source of the moisture.
Discharging against the foundation is the problem and source of your problems.

If you have no moisture, all the other things your assuming are the problem will be just fine if there were no moisture there.

Here in Atlanta, there is always a source for moisture, if not we would not need foundation waterproofing techniques. If the foundation was properly waterproofed, then the condensation discharge would be mitigated. So, chicken or the egg?

You’re not inspecting a boat. A building is not waterproof. Uncontrolled moisture is the “Cause”, not the holes in the building. All the other things you talk about, you can’t see. If you can “observe”, you’re guessing. Guessing is against HI Rules.

In this case the Chicken comes first.

You can direct water away from the foundation with proper slope or grade, redirect downspouts and even condensation drains and the foundation will leak if the foundation waterproofing and foundation drains have failed. I see it all the time. Maybe not in other parts of the country, but here in GA it is almost a guarantee. In fact, I did not include the photos of the rest of the basement but what I just described was very evident as water was entering the foundation at multiple locations without a direct above grade source.

And, you can hire Mark Anderson! :grin:

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I would hire him. Most of the GA foundation guys are inside mitigation only. And there is a TON of work down here.

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