AC Cost of Replacement

I have a client looking for an approximate cost of replacing their 3 Ton AC unit for greater efficiency. It’s currently installed with a high-eff. forced air gas furnace system.

Any idea of (approximate) current prices? (Ranges or ball park costs)

Yes, I know it’s not part of what we do, but it’s for a former client.

Claude, its not so much about the size of the unit as about its efficiency. A minimum sensible efficiency rating accepted by NRCan in the last ECO energy program was 14.5 SEER. This should be taken as a basis in my opinion. The cost of this one of course will depend on the manufacturer and installer but will be somewhere between $3-4K. Higher SEER will result in higher price.

Thanks Yuri, they indicated they just received prices that range between $3200 for 13 SEER and just under $4000 for 14 SEER.

You can get free estimate from Home Depot. You just need to go to home depot and talk to the service desk associates.


Yep this is what I would have said too. I had one client that asked me what it would cost to change from LOW efficiency to HIGH efficiency. I told them to call 3 companies and she would get a ball park figure.

Here is the difference $10,000 complete and installed top end
3,500 complete and installed bottom end