Ac Date Of Mfr Question

Have come across a AC unit Mfr by Ducane
Model 2AC13L24P-1A, SN 4607B62757,

Does anyone have dating method for this mfr, Unit appears to be relatively new for external appearance’s.


Well, for a change I have not a clue.

I believe Ducane is a lower end unit, but they seem to hold up well. I ran into a couple of these earlier this year. I just called one of the local heating and air companies. I told them it was my unit, and they gave me the info. Did you do a google search?

According to this,an old NACHI post, SN 4607B62757, says the AC was manufactured in Feb 07’

               Branded Product serial numbers


84 is the plant location
02 is the year
F is the month (Ex. A- Jan, B- Feb, C- Mar, etc.

“All things” have at one time been discussed on the NACHI Message Board, or will be.