AC pad have height requirement?

Is there a requirement that the AC pad be a certain height relative to the slab? I saw one that looked like it was about 6 to 8 inches below the top of the slab.

“IRC M1401.4 Exterior installations. Equipment installed outdoors
shall be listed and labeled for outdoor installation. Supports
and foundations shall prevent excessive vibration,
settlement or movement of the equipment. Supports and foundations
shall be level and conform to the manufacturer’s installation

Is that code reference clarifying the height of the AC pad relative to the slab next to it?

Most manufacturers recommend the units to be raised at least 3" above surrounding grade. Codes require that manufacturers installation instructions be followed.

There are sometimes local requirements. I know one town that requires Heat Pumps to be 18" ablove ground level, because of snow.

I believe it is a FEMA regulation that the pads be a minimum of 3 inches above grade in Florida