AC Question

I sure hope someone can help me with this. My AC unit suddenly keeps tripping the breaker and is not really cooling the house. I had 2 different companies come up and tell me nothing is wrong with the unit. The last guy said it is probably an electrical problem.

The unit is wired to a 30 amp breaker in a separate box, which is in turn wired to the panel on a quad breaker. It is wired to the 2 - 20 amp single pole sides of a 20/30 breaker.

Should the breaker in the panel be equal to the AC breaker in the separate box? Why is the breaker tripping now after 3 years in the house? Should the 20 amp single pole legs be a double pole.

It is 100 degrees here, which is not unusual but the problem is new.

A qualified electrician would be able to tell you if the circuits and OCPD’s are properly sized. Out of curiosity, what does the nameplate on the unit say? Do you have photo’s?

The breaker may just be getting weak have you you tried changing it?

Which breaker is tripping, the outside disconnect or the main panel breaker?

Try calling someone that knows what they are doing…

Why “might” it be an electrical problem?
An HVAC tech needs to be plumber, electrician and HVAC. Why the hell can’t they figure it out?

Next, you aren’t going to get anyone here to fix your stuff on line. Quit wasting your time.

There are a hundred things that have to be eliminated and you don’t have the tools, knowledge or certification to touch the refrigerant. Quit trying to lowball the fix by hiring screwballs. Get someone that knows what they are doing.

David may seem a little harsh, but he’s absolutely correct.

A “real” HVAC Company said it “might be an electrical problem”? I’m usually a pretty calm guy, but I would have went off.

I’m not an HVAC guy, so I can also tell you what it “might” be, or you can just replace what it might be, and keep buying stuff and replacing it until it’s fixed.

To me, a laymen, I would go with a weak/worn out breaker. Replacing that unnecessarily would be the cheapest thing to try.

Your best bet is to hire someone who knows what they’re doing.

Two people will take the back off a watch-a jeweler and an idiot. :cool: