AC Rebate Program

Looks like the AC Rebate Program is working just as well as most other state run programs.,0,3443632.story

:roll:I AM SHOCKED :roll: not.

Damn. And I need a new AC

On the subject of AC system replacements, Do you say anything to a customer if they have an age mismatched system, and say the air handler is coming to the end of its useful life, About they may not be able to replace just part of the system due to the R 410 mandate?
As I understand it once the old stock is gone you wont be able to get any R22 units. and the 410s are not compatible.

You can still find some R22 units…call the more seasoned AC guys…they know where to find them.

Then you can pay 400% for the refrigerant that is also no longer made!

Bought any R-22 lately? :-0