AC temperature testing question

Hi All!
Was wondering about testing AC equipment. I was told by a
current Realtor, who used to inspect large MUH properties, that
momentarily turning on the AC unit, just to see if the compressor
is working, is OK. Temperature range where it warms up in the
day to 60-65 F, but it goes down to 35-40F at night. He said for less
than 15 seconds.

He didn’t say anything when I declined to do so, but no more
referrals from him. He mentioned they would test many AC
units that way, think it was a large property management company.
He’s quite knowledgeable about building systems, but wondering
if I followed the right course.

Its your business do as you please I have been bumping them over for over 50 years and have never damaged one yet. With the scroll compressor its almost impossible to damage one there are no valves to worry about

Thanks Charlie!
Always learning:)

I agree, I did an inspection with a licensed HVAC tech and said he does it all the time, just keep it short.

This is completely non-scientific answer but in the late summer here it often drops down into the low 60’s and upper 50’s at night and the AC still runs. Been doing that for over 20 years and is still going.