AC Temperature Variations

Has anyone had temperature variations while measuring AC output. I measured 62 degrees and the temperature began rising slowly to 68 degrees and then it started coming down back to 62 degrees several minutes later. It was doing this wave pattern continually which makes me think it was a refrigerant issue. This happens to me about every 50 houses. Notwithstanding the tools and measurement techniques I use, what would cause this? Again I ask, has anyone experienced this before.

There could be many things causing that. Fluctuation in attic duct temperature. That wouldn’t be enough for me to worry about

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Could it be as simple as the air conditioner coming on and off? I don’t know how fast you walk, but if you are really slow, is it possible that the thermostat reached its set point and then several minutes later came on again?

Not unless there was a problem with the system.

Are the cooling systems Heat Pumps?

You haven’t provided enough information to diagnose anything. The tools and techniques you use are an integral part of any diagnosis.

Are you performing a home inspection or diagnosing an AC systems performance. Performance and efficacy of a particular installation goes beyond the standards of practice.

Even if your just curious you need to provide more information and specify your method and tools. Anything else is just a wild ass guess.