acceptable gas line taps???

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lately i have seen a few questionable attempts to tap into gas lines for gas logs, wall hanging heaters, furnaces in additions, etc.

some used water valves for shut-offs, some are installed with plumbing compression fittings, copper lines you'd use for ice makers on fridg's, all kinds of stuff. i found a leak in one of the lines on my last inspection thats why im inquiring.

are there any flexible alternatives for gas lines to heating appliances?

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CSS, corragated stainless steel is a flexible alternative used a lot for gas applications. One good thing about it is that you have to be certified (received the installation training) to even buy any of it. The RV guys have been using it for years because of the versitility of it. When I first started asking local gas people here about it they were skeptical as anything new often takes a while before the old timers will use it. Takes about a third of the time for installations because there is not pipe threading involved.