Not the ‘permanent extension cord wiring’. I’ve recommended that this be replaced.

I’m wondering about the fixture attached to the bottom of the junction box near the garage door opener. What is your take?




The Keyless fixture…?

I say it’s OK.:smiley:

It’s ok for a light fixture but I don’t think you can endorse using that screw in receptacle device. I’m not sure what kind of load that socket is rated for but a 100 watt bulb wouldn’t even draw 1 amp. How many amps could you draw with all those extension cords? A lot more than 1 amp.

I have a concern - this is a garage, with a possible wet or damp area. I ask -have you considered the issue of the metal pull chain on an electrical fixture in such a location? Not to forget about the ungrounded (brown coloured) socket extensions.

To me it spells a “safety” concern.

If all the crap is removed from the fixture and a bulb is installed it is OK. Why?

Cuz, I said so.:stuck_out_tongue:

Quit beating around the bush. Have them install an honest-to-G-d dedicated recepticle, just like what is required.

Is there some reason you cannot type GOD? just wondering seen this several times now.

There is no reason Will cannot type GOD he is just trying to respect those of us that differ in his oppinion.

However, I think this is ridiculous. If GOD is what you mean type it up!!!

Budda rules…

It’s a Jewish thing. Blasphamy and all that. For a full explaination read the ‘not for everyone’ section or e-mail me, directly.

Will try to refrain from references to Him in the public area.

It is a holy name, and not spoken ar written by Jewish Faith. I beleive that is the reason. I respect it. I am a child of the King, and call him Abba Father, and don’t mind saying or typing God.

That’s Buddah, Todd.

Sorry, couldn’t help it.

Besides, Buddah never claimed to be ‘You know who’, just a guy who wanted to escape the endless cycle of reincarseration.

Nirvana is not the same as heaven, in Buddism, merely a state of nothingness, as in ‘Never Existed’.

Common misunderstanding. :mrgreen:

Yes, I am a wise butt.


Can you say ‘thread drift’?

Sure, I knew you could. :mrgreen:

What you’re looking at is called a “mudring” on a 4"-square box. Both of those parts are listed to be used as you see them. :slight_smile:

Wow, did you just put down the whole of Budism(Sp)

Let’s see, escape incarceration, does that mean to keep out of jail or some other form of incarceration?

Thread Drift, it could have been about fishing, hunting. I guess I messed up?<?<

Damn you Ben.:p:p

:wink: or nipples!



Sorry, Todd. I am very overworked and tired.

Escape reincarnation. Buddism is derived from Hinduism, where reincarnation is a doctrine. Buddha (I spelled that wrong as well, sorry) taught that if one gives up this world, stops seeking pleasure, possessions (booking inspections!) that the person will reach a state of ‘enlightenment’ and upon death, cease to exist (i.e., achieve Nirvana). This is classic Buddism (as opposed to the hollywood version, which has no basis in reality, theology or history).

Just wanted to make the point that Buddism is very different from monotheistic faith traditions (Judaism, Chrictianity, Islam) and should not be used as a comparision.

Sorry, I am bothered by lack of clarity.

Now, back to the original thread.

The guy who wired or installed the garage door opener was a lazy slob. :mrgreen:

Just my opinion.

I accept everyone, it makes no difference if they are Hindo, Islamic or any of the other “we know all” religions.

It all boils down to, how you treat other folks and how you live your life. Thats it that is all there is to it.

A just GOD will see you for your acctions and not for how many days you spend in church or how much “10%” you add to the coffers.

This is the end of my GOD posts.

Be cool, and if there is a GOD you will do just fine.:D:D