Accepting Best Defect Pictures for March

We are now accepting Nominations for your Best Defect Pictures for the Month of March.

One Nomination per Month.

Submitt once each month if you wish. 1-3 Pictures to explain the Defect. :slight_smile:

This basement handrail is something special. You can see someone did actually have caution tape on it, but only the caution tape remnants remain. DUCT TAPE CAN FIX ANYTHING.:mrgreen:

Thanks Mike .

I wonder was he ever employed on the Red Green show .
That’s a keeper for sure

Exceptional framing of a stairwell to boot.

Thanks Mike. :slight_smile:

You can lean on it, but at your own risk!

What was the height of that opening at the bottom?
Looks like you had to go down sitting down. LOL:)

Yes this is outside and operational. This is not a temp service neither been in use for many years

I am calling the state electrical inspector on Monday about this, this not safe for any one and in my opinion is a major defect and health danger.

This is what keeps me young; had to crawl down there…

Home inspector weight management program, got to fit in the tight spaces

indoor swimming pool in crawlspace



I don’t think I’d be crawling around that cesspool. :):shock:

Can I nominate this house as a whole?

Here is one/two to start.

I can compete with myself on this one house, want some more?

234613 080 (Small).JPG

234613 153 (Small).JPG

David, I guess the AC was more important than the deck at the moment, but wait, what are they going to do when ready for the deck…Oh never mind. ;):roll:

I just barely tapped the wall with my screwdriver and look what happens.
Second pic was about 8 feet above the first. I set my ladder up on the adjacent wall to check it out higher up and placed my hand on the wall. Selling agent feels I should have to pay for the damage now.:shock:

You’re not suppose to use destructive inspecting Greg. LOL;)

Not exactly a defect of the home but kind of funny anyway. If you don’t see it right away look at the close up.

A little cocky, Hope it is unloaded. :slight_smile:

It looked unloaded Marcel but I decided not to look real close and just moved away slowly.

I’m normally too busy to post things, but I had to take the time for this one. When I saw this topic (best defect pic), I thought “How perfect!”. This is a picture of a light fixture that someone installed WITHIN a shower stall! Note that I’m freaking over this because of the type of light fixture… the fixture is just a portable fluorescent light, meant for desks, and it is plugged into an outlet that is immediately adjacent to the shower (within a few inches!) (and not GFI protected of course). After thirteen years and around 10,000 inspections, this has to be one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen.

So we have…

  • light switch adjacent to the shower (within arms reach)… defect #1
  • no GFI… defect #2
  • totally dangerous light installation within a shower (!!!)… insane defect #1

The best part is look at where the wire goes into the light fixture… sharp metal and no grommet… it’s just a matter of time until that metal housing gets energized and someone standing in the shower, soaking wet, reaches to turn on the light… Adios! I told my client’s agent to notify the listing agent to tell her client to remove that light immediately, and at least GFI the outlet for freaks sake! It’s like six inches from the shower!

… there’s more too although not as serious (things I see often enough), such as no ventilation at all (no window or fan), sink is rusted through, sink, shower and toilet are unvented, fixtures drain into a san sump w/o a check-valve, … I can continue.

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