Accepting credit cards

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Dominic with Home Inspector Pro had a service that was about $5 per month and you punch in the credit card information over the land line or wireless and make the charge. Seems very reasonable and a low rate. I use Square and it works great with my Android smart phone for the occasional user. Paypal has a similar new feature like Square and traditional email invoicing. [

Don’t know if it has changed, but when I talked to Dominic about his credit card system there was also a $10.00 charge that went along with it making it about $15.00 per month. I am using Pay Junction and all I pay is $5.00 per month (plus discount).

I also use Square up and it is fantastic when you take a card onsite. It is very expensive if you take the card over the phone though.

I do not like Paypal and many people think it is unprofessional.](“”)

Also…there is Google Checkout. It used to be a great deal. Works much like Paypal with no monthly fees. For me Square works best for on site payments. Paypal is great for emailing an invoice when client is not present.