Accepting Credit, Debit and Gift Cards- Square

Hey Guys,

I am sure someone posted this before but i wanted to tell you about a company i found that was created by Jack Dorsey who actually invented twitter. The FREE credit card reader plugs into an IPhone or Android phone headset jack and allows you to swipe credit cards…without a monthly fee, interchange rates and so on…basically the fee is 15 cents + 2.75% for swiped cards and 15 cent + 3.50% for keyed in cards.

I can tell you the rate for the swiped is as good or better than my current merchant services at my kennel ( which I sold by the way ) and no monthly fee and it allows anyone to accept credit cards and it deposits the money right into your checking account.

Anyway…I see this as being HUGE for you that want to accept credit cards for your business without the huge expense of a card reader and trying to qualify for a merchant account with some bank.

You just visit the APP Store on the respective smartphone and search for “square” and download the free app. Then you visit and finish off your account and they will ship you the free reader.

I can’t wait to try it at my next seminar…

I recall seeing this before for I-Phones Paul. Most of the reviews are good, I might have to get one myself. :smiley:

I’ve heard it does not work on Blackberry phones, and the reader takes months to be delivered…

I think that was when they were first released but from what i understand they are shipping them out once you set up your service and then sending them. I got a notice that mine was on the way via USPS so who knows. However, you dont need the swipe reader to use it…even if the fee is higher it is still a nice option.

I think the reason it does not work for blackberry is because the app that goes on the phone is not supporting blackberry right now. It works for Iphone and all android devices.


399.00 Home Inspection Minus 0.15 cents for transaction Minus 2.75% if you swipe = 387.87 Deposited

Much cheaper than paying a monthly fee, interchange rates and other hidden fee’s.

$399.00 Home Inspection
Minus 0.15 cents for transaction
Minus 3.50%- Keyed In Manually
= $384.88 Deposited

Now even if you key it in you save on the monthly fee’s and other garbage my current merchant account charges. And this allows you to take ANY card…my merchant account wont accept discover and so on or gift cards as payment.

I just thought it may be a solution for some of you to NOT lose that sale by giving your clients an option and it is FREE…they will make their money on the transaction like any other merchant services without the monthly garbage that comes along with it.

Who pays the PCI compliance fee?

It’s worked into the higher rates Steve. It’s a good deal if you’re only running a few cards a month. If you run more you want to get a service where your rates are closing to 1.9% swiped and 2.3% keyed in. You also can’t take cards via your website. All in all it’s a good service. I keep meaning to order one but forget to!

Thanks paul i don’t accept credit cards but this sounds like a great idea. I only get asked about once a month to accept cc’s and so having a monthly service is not good.

Check there website…they do and they are compliant to PCI.

The key here is for merchant accounts you have a lot of red tape and so on. The difference in the 1.9% versus 2.75% is balanced out by the additional fee’s charged by the merchant provider. Might be not as good for a retailer…but for field guys and everyday use its a great deal. I examined my merchant account and all the fee’s I paid and the 15 cents and 2.75% kills my current rates when I factored in interchange rates, monthly fee and other nickle and dime fee’s.

Granted that I need to test this out…but it is a great idea for people wanting to accept credit cards without the hassles of merchant accounts.

This sounds perfect for me. Rarely do I get asked if I accept CC but I would like to offer it.

Anyone here use this service yet?

I have. So far so good. The money is goes in your account just like the rest of the merchants within a few days. I have not processed more than one thousand dollars yet.

I am excited about it because I stopped taking credit cards for my electrical seminars a few years ago because of the merchant account issues. I kept the account I had with my kennel but could not process electrical seminar fee’s into my kennel account so it was a problem. Now it will not be a problem.

Signed Up… Thanks for the Link Paul.

Was very simple and will work for the few times I have not rec’d PayPal or whatever else.


Signed up and device is on the way here. Today I tried to take a CC # over the phone and it worked up until it asked for a signature.

So I guess the device has to be used on-site and not over the phone?!?! Would be nice to be able to take over the phone charges.

You’ll need a virtual terminal AFAIK

I’ve used it several times onsite so far and it works great, especially for those clients who forget to bring their check book. :wink:

Are you guys who have used this system for a while happy with it?

The scanner does not work as well as others.

I use Intuit Go Payment. Virtually same as Square. Used it today, client forgot check book. It worked great. Even allows signature on IPhone screen and automatically sends receipt to phone and email. I love it.