Accepting Nominations for Best Defect Pictures for December

Time is short, so submitt your best Defect Pictures before December 10th.

It has been a good year of Defects. :slight_smile:

**Safety Issue, Major Concern: **The wood beams that are cantilevered (extended beyond the exterior house wall) to form a balcony have rotted. Wood rot can weaken joists and is attractive to wood-destroying insects. As well, this design risks rot extending to the interior portion of the joists serving the house floor system. There is also a possibility of concealed water damage within the wall system. At the very least, any rotted beams/joists should be replaced. Ideally, the cantilevered balcony should be rebuilt using conventional methods and the house wall sealed against water entry in order to protect the floor structure of the house. When rebuilding the balcony, special attention should be given to structural and footing requirements, securing to the building proper, railing height and design, material choice, and adequate wood/soil separation. Contact your local building authority to obtain zoning and permit information.
Do not use this balcony in its present condition as it may collapse resulting in possible injuries/death.

What do you mean I’m buying a possible house boat?

Pic 95 is one of many undermined piers footing, pic 6 shows short term results and pic 51 show where the home may end up without proper remediation…

The REA asked if I’d send a letter stating I think the roof would last 2 years…:mrgreen::mrgreen:

roof fail.JPG


This is how you get 50,000 miles out of your Model T or your plumbing.

Champion X Spark Plug circa 1920

Well, I just learned something.

I did not realize that spark plugs had NPT (national pipe thread):slight_smile:

Perhaps, but you need a spark plug wire connected to it to be effective…:wink:

You gotta admire the ingenuity of that fix for that exact reason.

It may be an improper cap, but 30-40 miles from the hardware store and I would do the same thing. :slight_smile:

I would agree. After 50 plus years of being there, it seems to have served it purpose quite well.

Looks like a gas line?

Hey, you could light all your pilots at the same time, just add a wire and a point set…

It makes it hard to technically call it a defect. On the plus side, once removed, these are selling used on EBay for $30-$40. :wink:

Client is a contractor! He was embarrassed he did not see any problems. I have 20 more pics to choose from to upload. Had a hard time picking only 5.

From Kevin Hunt

I thought this was quite funny…


We’ll just take it out when it’s full

Any more Defect Pictures for December?

I have to make this one short due to end of the Year. :slight_smile:

There were three locust posts that held up this main beam in the basement. Well there were two still standing and one on the ground.

I found this under a house built in the 1950’s. I think it speaks for itself.

Jim Campbell
Orion Home Inspection

Sorry James, the poll for this December is post here;

Due to the end of the year, I had to cut it short.

Thanks to all that have contributed. :slight_smile: