access desktop view with tablet or phone

How van I get to the desktop version of you website with my tablet? I do not see a link to revert to the desktop view on your site and when I try to change to the desktop view in my brkwser, it doesn,t change. I can find things much better in desktop mode than the limited mobile view.

If I understand your question correctly, the server recognizes you are on a mobile device and gives you the mobile view. There is a menu button there that gives you full access to HG website same as the desktop but in mobile view.

In Chrome the menu for that is on the top (vertical ellipses). Desktop mode.


Thank you Dom.

Sorry for taking so long to reply.

That does not work with your site. I can tell my browser to view the site in desktop view but your site over rides the setting and keeps me in mobile view.

It works on my Android device (Galaxy 6).
Noticeable difference when I toggle in back and forth.