access panel

Hi all I AN doing my mock H.I and i noticed that the tub faucet is on an outside wall and there is no access panel to get to the plumbing should i write this up thanks alan

“Write it up”?? “Call it out”?? I don’t quite understand what that all means. HIs don’t “write up” anything–that sounds so negative. We simply report what we see.

You saw tub faucet on the outside wall with no access panel–report it…along with an explanation of why you thought it worth the mention. Let the client decide what to do with the information.

We simply report…that’s all we are–reporters. Keeps us out of trouble that way.

If you were to explain to the client that you “wrote it up”, the client could misinterpret that as meaning a bad thing. Keep it on the positive side.

There’s no Code that states that plumbing fixtures must have an access panel. It’s more like a convenience panel to me.

I don’t write them up. If it’s there GREAT, if not…OH WELL.

Like David says, there’s no requirement…and they’ll make one soon enough when it’s needed. :wink:

Normal tubs require no access. Jaccuzzi’s do

True, but we were talking about post #1.

Where I use to plumb it was required to have an access panel for the tub though one was seldom installed and it was not enforced. As a plumber it made my job much easier than cutting a hole in the drywall to access it especially when it was an emergency.