Accident waiting to happen?

Look what I found.

yikes!!! That is scary!

Nice Poly.

Ya know, I’ve been doing inspections for over 5 years now and I’ve yet to find Poly in a home.

Come to Tucson and peek in side a 1992 house…

I suspect you don’t do many mobile/manufactured homes., as these seem to be where most of the PB was installed. . .

Oh yea…many.

No poly in Massachusetts.

Never inspected a “trailer” but there’s plenty of poly here…come on down!

Thanks anyways…

Same with Phoenix…lots of it…up till 94 it was the “Flavor” for all the trac-homes from low-end builders, and even some so called high-end builders saving a buck or two—:twisted:

My in-laws have a double wide I think it’s an 84-85 model and father-in-law told me it wasn’t covered under the poly-lawsuit. He has lines burst 2-3 times a year. Anyone have the spec’s on the lawsuit.

No spec’s… but I have websites that might be of interest to you…

Throughout the 80’s lawsuits were filed complaining of allegedly defective manufacturing and defective installation causing hundreds of millions of dollars in damages. Ultimately, the class action suits were settled and hundreds of millions of dollars were set aside to help consumers.

However, strict qualification guidelines make participation in the benefits of a fund uncertain. You should contact the appropriate settlement facility to find out if you qualify for assistance.