Anyone have a

I have a small Acer I bought years ago, never had a single issue with it.

Was wondering if anyone has one of these.

Hi Dale,

I bought Bobbi an Acer laptop last christmas (not the model you are looking at) she has not had a single issue with it.



Hi Gerry,

Which one did you buy…Alina and myself bought her brother one with a 15in. screen last year for $600.00 new, It was discontinued in manufacturing, was a clearance price but we started it up before we gave it to him and the crystal clear HD screen was simply amazing.

Hi Dale,

I bought her this one (or one very similar) the screen is better than my Fujitsu by a wide margin. She has been very happy with it, and the price was very good although I think it’s dropped since I bought.



Damn Gerry…that is the one we bought for Alina’s brother, yep, the price went down even more, I thought it was a discontinued machine, but I was wrong.

Thanks for the link…I just bought it----:smiley:

Hell of a price, and I sure like the crystal clear screens Acer has, simply unreal.

I have a Acer in the backyard…

I bought the aspire5004WLMI a couple years back, and have never had an issue. It was the cheapest I paid for a laptop and I took a chance, been the best one yet. I will probably buy acer again next time. $550.00

I purchased my “first” laptop about two years ago…Acer Aspire 3618 w/15.4" widescreen…Circuit City…$449.00 after rebate…

As this was my first laptop, I was looking for a cheapy that would last me about a year, to get a feel for one. Planned on upgrading to better if I liked it…well…I love it…have only had very minor issues…probably my fault thought. And yes…the 15.4" Crystal Brite Widescreen is AWESOME!

This turned out to not be a cheapy at all…in fact I use it to replace my desktop when it went belly-up. Instead of replacing the Acer, I have been performing upgrades to it.

I will definately purchase Acer again!

(PS…battery life sucks…my only real complaint)!

First computer I ever owned was an Acer, not a laptop but a desktop. It was a great computer for its time and never even burped once. Started with DOS and upgraded it to Win 3.1 but eventuallyd replace it when it could not be upgraded anymore. In those days it was easy to do your own upgrades…not anymore for me…take it to the shop or buy a new one.

I have a 5 year old Acer tablet, not a problem with it. Great computer.

Glad I bought another one…seems like nobody has any issues, and neither do I—:smiley:

Must say I am shocked, because before this thread I had heard all negative.

Including that the screen was to glossy.( cheap price on them may be worth a look.)

Celeron processor and 1 GB of ram, might be slow.

Depends on what you’re using it for. If it’s just for running inspection software, it’s plenty. If you’re trying to play Warcraft you’re going to have issues.

Acer isn’t a bad brand. The bright screens are a personal preference, some people love them, some don’t. That’s why you have an option.

BS slow is slow is slow. Heck the damm thing is advertised as an email computer.

And at I gb of ram vista won’t be too happy either.

$ 150 more and you can get a pentium or centrino machine with 2 gig of ram.

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I just looked at the price. I thought you guys were talking about buying a used machine. Brians right, I wouldn’t pay $479 for a 2 ghz , 1 gig of ram laptop running Vista. I’d pay a little more and get a better system or pay a lot less and get a used system. I didn’t realize they actually sold Celeron’s new anymore!

I still think the machine will run fineo for basic tasks, there’s just better deals out there. I’d turn off Vista’s Aero as that zaps resources right away.

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Hi Dominic, she uses it for Warcraft (she’s an addict LOL) and has no issues at all with it, like you say the screen issue is personal choice but she loves it.



I still think the machine will run fineo for basic tasks, there’s just better deals out there. I’d turn off Vista’s Aero as that zaps resources right away.

Dom, what is Vista’s Aero…???

I have another Acer laptop with 1 GB, if you don’t load the machine with a lot of nonsense they are fast as a 2 GB loaded with ****z.

And for that price makes a nice gift.