Acerage Maintenance Checklists

Looking for an acerage maintenance checklist for acerages. Have clients that are new acerage buyers and they are unsure of what to do to maintain. I have a residential checklist but nothing for acerages.

Anyone have such a checklist?


I don’t have a checklist. What do they plan on doing with the acreage?

Acreage, or a plot of land, can be so varied it is hard to generalize. I keep the area around my home and buildings draining away and I mow some and some is a woodlot.

Keeping areas watered, if need be, and maintained can be challenging without adquate water distribution methods and equipment (sprinkers, tractor, mower, etc.).

Mostly, I’d think they will be just living there and living in like a standard residential home but I was looking at giving them some heads up for well shutdown, septic concerns, expansion tanks, power failures, etc. I include some of these things in the report but was trying to find them a glance at month by month check list to help them. These people are really acreage virgins and I don’t think they fully understand the extras they may have.
In total, they will have 124 acres of land with a fish pond(a realm of its own).

Don’t know, just want to help them more as a part of the service.


Would be so kind to email me a copy of your residential checklist?