ACLU: Rental inspection law unconstitutional.

Great post, Nick. I the past, and just this week, I get calls from renters to do full home inspections to prove that the home they are renting is not safe, or has defects that landlords will not repair. I always tell them to contact the city or the county.

I know that this is an opportunity for more revenue, however there are legal issues regarding entering of properties without owner’s (landlord’s) permission. Perhaps Mark Cohen can chime in. Your area can vary.

this has been discussed several times on these boards the renter has rights to call in contractors to their home.
Service repair
Interior design
pest control

The hard part about these is a renter never seems to want to pay for a full home inspection.
We have designed our rental inspection around the local ordinance guidelines. In my area they follow the international building maintenance code.

I charge less than a regular home inspection and assist in the proper channels to file a complaint with the local building division.