Acrobat Anyone???

I’m trying to find a full free copy of Adobe Acrobat to design PDF files. I currently have a send to PDF printer application, but need to have more contol over the design and other items I have uploaded to PDF. For example I need to be able to add and remove (or hide) text layers on my copy of the PDF. If anyone can help I would trully appriciate it.

Adam T Veitenheimer
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Have you tried some of the free ones?

Try the y have lots of free downloads as well as numerous trial offers for anyone to use.

I already have a pdf viewer and “hit print” maker, I need something in which I can remove layers of text on all ready made pdfs, in other words I’m looking for a way to edit a pdf once created. Thanks for the links.

Don’t be so Cheap go out a buy it.:wink: Your loaded now right with all the good info here you should have been making a killing by now:D

That would be nice, monies are all tied up in alot of things right now, so free is best LOL… Alittle trouble locating work, but it’s cool im still NEW

I can’t think of any free equivalent to Acrobat. You can use alternatives like which are definitely cheaper.

Dominic, Thankyou, it’s exactly what I was looking for, You always come through… I don;t know what else to say besides THANK YOU

Glad to help :smiley: