Act of God

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One of seven of my neighbors 60’ tall evergreen trees planted 3’ off the property line fell on my house damaging the siding and ripping the overhead service feeder off the house. In Pa. when my neighbors tree falls on their own property, their insurance company covers the claim,but if this same tree decides to fall on my property then my insurance company is responsible to cover the claim (after I pay the $500.00 deductible). they didn’t even offer to help clean up. Plus I have the potential of this happening six more times. No one is responsible for an act of nature so who ever suffers the damage is expected to bear the cost.

For future inspections I will definitely being warning my clients of potential costs from any acts of nature!

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I have referenced and forwarded this link many times.

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Hi Alvin;

I had the same thing happen to me a few years ago. My neighbors tree lost a limb and demolished 8 feet of fencing at the property line. The old people were panicking, thinking it was there fault and offer to bring me to their insurance agent. I went with them and the insurance agent said to me, that unless I was ready to prove negligence on the old peoples part, my own Homeowners Insurance would have to pay for it. Well, that is new on my part of ethics, I said. and you expect me to prove that these 75 year olds are suppose to know that their tree is in danger of losing branches and doing damage to someone's property?My home owners Policy paid for the damage after I had my construction company write me a quote on repairs, and I did the work myself. The deductible was met and I made $300 for my effort of the repairs and clean-up. I guess you have to play the game to stay ahead.

Take care.

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Good info Joe.

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