Action and Reaction

Several years back (15 yrs or more) I read the findings of
a report that showed a HUGE portion of the population
is moving out of the cities to the country (not the suburbs).
This movement exceeds the percentage of the population
that moved during the California gold rush. This trend
has continued to this day.

The reason people are moving can be seen when you study
the famous “red and blue map” on the way people vote.
The conservatives are moving to the country because of
several factors concerning their moral values.

Below is a list of the most dangerous and the safest
cities based on FBI crime reports. New Orleans was not
included this year because its police department did not
report figures. BTW, after tens of thousands fled from
New Orleans (LA) to Houston (TX) to escape the hurricane…
Houston’s murder and crime rates went through the roof.

I live in east Texas between Houston and Dallas… and
Realtors report that house sales have not slowed in the
same way as other parts of the country. Baby Boomers
are seeking safety for their Retirements.

The migration from public schools to private and home
schooling also reflects this trend. This transition is not
slowing down and will be interesting to watch as it grows.

Good ol’ St. Louis.

First in crime - first in baseball. (We “murdered” Detroit).

Very funny!!:D:D:D and sad:(

Somethings wrong… Chicago ain’t on the list…:shock:

Must be the reporting is not there… or our new police chief is cleaning up
the place… Maybe we just send them to St.Louis…:wink:
Maybe it’s our cops beating the %$#@ out of people on a regular basis…:mrgreen:

I thought you stopped doing that after the Democratic Convention in 1968…:wink:

“The whole world is watching…The whole world is watching…” Aaaahhh, the good o’ days.


Very interesting stats!

yes those were interesting. Seattle is getting to be really bad.