"Action Website" Link Exchange Program

Start Building your website into one that your community depends on -
The NACHI National Chapter would like to invite all Home Inspectors to participate in our new “Action Website” program. An Action Website is one that has been set up to provide local and community information to your community, by inclusion of Information that is not readily available on the WEB on your websites. For example, a listing of local jurisdictional building codes and officials. The NNC has set up a Building Codes Section where everyone can add their community site information in a Link Exchange Type Program. Your site’s info page will be linked to and you in return will have a link back to the NNC Building Codes Section Page.
Here is an example of the way your site may appear on our Building Codes Section Page.
Elmira, NY – ABCHomeInspections.com (Your business name will be the link).

For further details or for exchanging links for the Building Codes Section email me at john.bowman@nachi.org

Do you have Jefferson County in Washington John? I see Mason and Kitsap but not Jefferson in the building codes section.