Active Fast Food Joint Inspection

Anyone performed an inspection on a fast food joint while in operation? Any tips or tricks?

Keep you eyes open…

Try not to do it a lunch.

What kind of fast food joint? Try to do it mostly in the morning hours for inside and exterior last.

Good luck!!

Contact the establishment and ask them when their busiest hours are and work around them

Walk slowly on the greasy floor, and you probably won’t want to eat there when you are done. . We did a Mexican fast food last week, that’s one place I will not order from

Wear a hat, the taller the more important you should feel!

Do it after hours. Or before it opens. I wouldn’t do it when it is bustling. Are you going to ask customers to move out of the way? You can do your roof and exteriors anytime.

Thanks everyone for the input. Plan is to do it next Saturday morning, early. I usually do outside in on a home but I think I will do inside out on this one due to the public.


I did a greasy spoon once, Chinese.

The kitchen was not spotless but I wasn’t there for a health inspection.
Open junction boxes, flourescent tubes without covers.
Extension cords used instead of permanent wiring.
Nothing terrible.

2nd floor unoccupied but a complete fire trap.
The rear exit stairs had collapsed.
Some other things.

The basement was the real nightmare.
Open splice wiring everywhere.
DIY wiring everywhere, open panel boxes.
The electrical would take a sparky a while to sort out.
Water heater flue disconnected completely.

I wrote up the report, they needed it for insurance.
Weeks later they called me back to re-inspect.
Virtually nothing had changed.
I was having a lot of difficulty with the language barrier as well.
We finally couldn’t continue.

Sounds like it should be fairly straightforward.

You’ll have to be very careful about not interfering with their operation or the customers.
While you’re working be sure to have barriers and warning signs around if you’re on a ladder or in a basement/crawl, etc.

Check with your insurance person first.

Wendy’s are easy. Request your contact open at 8:00 so you can be in and out before the 10:00 opening crowd gets there. I have never had a problem with this.

Yeah, it’s only 3,000 SF. From what I can tell, the Client owns the property and the franchisee is selling the franchise and the client wants to make sure the current franchisee kept up on all the maintenance.

Yeah, that’s the plan. Get in there early Saturday morning.

Let us know how it goes!

Look behind all the installed equipment with a flashlight, (cockroaches hate light :-()

Inspect the busy areas before they open up.

I have done many . I choose to do them after business hours.
Even if it is between 12 and 4 am.
The price is usually right to keep my old a ss up at those hours.

Please stay on topic, Roy.

We ain’t discussing local brothels, hooker houses, and pay by the hour hotels here! :mrgreen:

Hardee’s, Wendy’s, Taco Bell, 7-11, Waids Restaurant, TG Fridays, Small Strip Food Mall (with oriental, burger joint, pizza & greek food restaurants in there).

We did them whenever it was convenient between 9 and 3. Happy hour starts at 4pm

Never been an issue that people were in our way … We just inspect around them.