Got my new phone book AD ! \:D/

Nice. How much did that set you back?

Do they still print phone books?

Looks great .
Many home Inspectors no longer do adds in the yellow pages .
We quit doing yellow pages around 2,000 .
Looks like you are the only Home Inspector with an add.

Nice, what part of Ireland you from. My family are all from Kerry n Limerick…

75.00 a month

Do people in Alabama still use Phone Books ?
Serious question as I can’t remember last time even seeing one.

from Creena Glebe, Killeshandra, Caven, Ireland

Thats a BIG yes !

small towns use them more then you may think, and bare in mind we are still a young company. By the the way winter is near dust off my mickey mouse boots and send them back !!!

Phone books are still very useful in Minnesota, especially in rural towns/areas, as many small town businesses do not bother with websites, therefore they have low search engine results, if any at all.

Heck, just look through the Nachi member list and checkout how many inspectors don’t list a website! Check this out from the Chicago area… With no website, where do they advertise and get their business from?

we came over here in 1846, how abt. your family

Those are guys who may not be around long.

I came over 6 years ago, my family are all still in Kerry and London…

wow did you learn any of the old langauge, what was the local beer there !

Hmmm… some of those license numbers seem awfully low to not be hanging around for very long. :-k

Then how do you know they are still in business ?
There may be lots of deadwood in the clicky thingy.

James, All the power to you bro. For that price you don’t need to get many calls to make a good profit. Heck just 1 radon test a month will more than pay for the ad. Let us know in a few months how it goes for you.

Best of Luck,


Will let you know, just started using ISN so i am a little slow getting back on posting returns. Thanks for the comment. At least now once i am finished adding all the info in ISN i will have a little more free time.

Have a good one !


I take it your under contact for 12 months? $75 a month is not bad. Keep up informed. You need to fix this though…

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Also what are you targeting when it comes to search engines. You state a portion of Alabama but I see no cities. Your going to be hard press for someone to search for southeastern Alabama home inspectors.