don’t bother trying to email or call to ask me if my account has been hacked


tia for your cooperation

Sorry to hear that Barry.

got one, went to my spam, new it wasn’t something you’d send

I did not open it.

Sorry to hear that Barry, what type of email system do you have? Who manages it? just wondering if is a popular one like GMail or Yahoo and should we be worried?

Yah I received it also


don’t worry be happy!

it’s fixed now, hotmail was on it before i posted

got that

now can you take your heat back?


no deposit no return…

but i didn’t order it, an i am not looking for any return

come on fall :mrgreen:

I could send you something that may help…! :wink:

bring it on I ain’t scared :mrgreen:

Famous last words… :mrgreen:

I have seen some of your handy work. :freaked-::blank::razz::razz::-({|=

Sooo… you should be r-e-a-l-l-y scared!!! :twisted:

Btw… where’s your vote? :stuck_out_tongue:

in my pocket


You have a vent stack coming out of Your center counsel ?

Sicko!!! :twisted:

go for the distance :shock:

no need for a peeing match