Addendum:Maintenance Checklist

I have seen an added “Addendum: Maintenance Checklist” add to the end of some Texas reports. After the summary of deficiencies. The checklists I have seen has the “check boxes” next to each suggested maintenance checklist.
Where can I get this checklist to add to my report? Is it allowed to be added to that location?
I have also seen reports with Addendum’s for other items such as but not limited to - ARC Fault Breakers, GFCI Breakers, Foundations, etc. Where can these be found so I can add them? Can they be placed at the end of the report?
Thanks in advance!

I am not sure where they can be found. You can always create your own and append it to your report. It is okay to add an addendum to the END of the TREC form. What are you using to produce your reports currently ? This will help answer how you would add an addendum to it. With our software inspectors can add whatever addendum they want to the report since it create an editable Word document they can edit as much as they want.

The AHIT program allows to add many types of addendums at the end of the report. As Jeff said, it has to be at the end.

I see you are using HIP. It will be difficult to do that as Dom as lock the template so we cannot make any changes. You should ask him directly, I’m sure he’ll be able to help out!

Thank you gentlemen. Yes I am using HIP and I will get with Dom about it. Thanks again!