Adding an additional (but small) membership requirement.

This message board is now many times larger and more active than all other inspection message boards put together. It is the greatest source of information for the inspection industry and a superb educational tool.

It has come to our attention that many members don’t ever login to this message board (for whatever reason) and many of those members are unaware that a members-only section even exists.

Forcing new members to login once (as part of our membership requirements) alerts him/her to the vast amount of useful and educational information he/she would otherwise be unaware of.

It also helps NACHI’s membership in aggregate by perhaps enticing the new member to share his knowledge on the message board.

Therefore we are adding this small requirement (to login once) to our membership requirements

I know the stupid will soon be complaining that this is an invalid requirement because it is too easy, totally disregarding the fact making it a requirement helps NACHI members… and likely helps the clients we serve.

No arguement here. Maybe you can even add a local chapter section under the Members Only section that will help these new members learn about activity in their local chapters more easily.

Just a thought!

Nick, great idea. At least it will lead a lot of horses to water. The smart ones will drink of all the knowledge found there!

Personally, I have met this requirement untill the year 3126.

RR has met it to 9180.

Guess we are ahead of our time.

RR is up into the Star Dates!!

Sorry, I just can’t help myself: