Adding commentary to picture freeware

Would anyone happen to know of a free program that would put callouts/or commentary to photos?

Thanks. easy to use simple to install Roy Cooke

Great free program…:smiley:

Hi Ray

Try MSpaint with that program you could put arrow, circle,box and comment that what I use, easy to download

Now THAT was helpful!!! Thanks Roy! Thanks Ray for asking. :slight_smile:

Yes thanks Roy its nice and simple, like me! :slight_smile:

Thanks! that was really useful, and something I’d been wanting for some time also.

Great stuff guys. Thanks for the info.


I got it from the NACHI site some one else posted it .

Just doing what NACHI does best help all, all the Time .



I’ve been using ImageEditLite for a couple of years because I use the WhisperPI and Whisper Reporter software. The little editor does just what I need to annotate photos, it’s small, fast, easy and does what it’s designed to do. I had asked Whisper Solutions to make it available, for free, to everyone and they agreed about 9 months ago.

Yes, that’s about when you posted it and I scarfed it…much appreciated, Mike. Thanks. :smiley:

Thanks Mike works Great love it . Roy Cooke

BTW: Another “free” great program is Picasa from Google. I use it to organize my digital images. You can create albums, etc for projects, or create a nice little slide show.