Adding Comments in Latest HG Version

In the latest version of HG ( if I already have a comment written and select another comment to add to the same item, the two become part of the same paragraph. Is this something I can change back to having each comment be added as separate paragraphs?

I have ONE picture of a worn roof with tar applied. The comment for worn roofing is already in place. Now I add my auto comment for tar/sealant and it merges into the paragraph of worn roofing. The previous HG version would add a paragraph between comments.

Open the comment in the desktop…

  1. Choose the auto-comment selector,


  1. Highlight the comment you want to add a paragraph after

  1. Choose the edit comment


  1. Select View HTML source (Ctrl-H)


  1. Before the close body tag ( </body> ) put <br> (This is HTML for a forced newline.)

  1. Click OK to get out of the editor, and next time you use that comment it will ALWAYS have a newline after it.

Hope this helps.


Thank you Leonard,
To comment on Will’s question, we changed it in 5.2 on purpose because many wanted the other way or the way it is now. Once we made that change then several have called in like you and said the same thing. Leonard has a great way to make that work. We are still thinking about the default way and whether or not we make more people happy one way or the other.

Do you have to do this for each comment?

yes if you want it the old way. Did you like the old way better Frank?

Maybe we should plan to offer an option

There’s your answer. Everyone uses HG in their own way.

Thanks for the detailed HTML tip Leonard! And thanks again Russell for having an open ear for upgrades and adaptations!

I did like the old way better. I’d rather have a new paragraph. Maybe the ability to toggle the option.