Adding Commercial Inspections

I’ve been encouraged by several realtors and lenders I work with to look into adding commercial inspections to my menu of services. Is the best first step to take the commercial-related courses from InterNAHCI and then join CCPIA and take all of those courses, or should I go straight to CCPIA?

Any other advice on breaking into the commercial side of the business would be appreciated as well.

Thanks in advance!

CCPIA has 10 classes online (as well as in person training). To be a member you have to pass two courses, COMSoP and Code of ethics, then pay the fees.

I would take all NACHI classes plus the CCPIA classes. In person training will certainly be helpful. But you are going to be the only judge as to what commercial buildings you can handle.

Looks like a great place to start!

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Ask them specifically what type of Commercial they are referring to?
Coffee shop?
Chain restaurant?
Retail strip mall?
Big Box store?
Office building?
Medical offices?
Sm Manufacturing?
Lg Manufacturing?
5,000 - 100,000+>


Good points JJ. There is also that pesky commercial insurance :wink:

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How much does it run yearly?