Adding custom watermark

Russell - I’ll take you up on that - I’ll send you My original logo and the one I adjusted for transparency.


This works well if you’re using the Internachi-Blue style, but if you’re using another print format, like black, brown, orange, etc. there’s a way you can use your logo in one of those.

It involves editing the css file in the print format of the style you’re currently using.
Open css file of the folder format you’re using (open your template, print, style & format tab, under the right side box will list the folder name) HomeGauge\PrintFormats

Add the following two lines of code (edit your image name, note image location in the HG directory):

#1 Edit location (find this area in the css file), line colors can be changed:

**hgImageInclude("images\line-blue-INACHI.gif", "images\line1.jpg", "images\axiom-watermark.jpg")**

Example of black format

hgImageInclude("images\line-black.gif", "images\line1.jpg","images\axiom-watermark.jpg")

*#2 Edit location *

/****** header css ****/
.logo1{float:left; width:160px;}
.centertext{float:left; width:349px;}
.righttext{float:right; width:420px;}
.homeb{padding-top:10px; color:#FFFFFF; font-size:30px;}
.space{padding-top:10px; color:#FFFFFF; font-size:30px;}
.toptext{float:left; width:200px;}
.logo{display:inline-block; width:150px; text-align:center; padding-top:10px;}
.headerSection h2{font-size:22px; color:#000;}
.headerSection h3{font-size:16px; padding:5px 0;}

.heading2{padding-left:15px; border-bottom:1px dotted #ccc; padding:0 10px 10px 10px; margin:0 15px 10px 15px;}
.contenttext{margin:0 15px 0 15px;}
**.watermark { background: url(images/axiom-watermark.jpg) top no-repeat; }**
.subTask li{float:left; width:200px; padding:0px 10px 10px 0;}
.subTask li strong{color:#000;}
.hedd{margin-bottom:10px; color:#000;}
.hedd1{ color:#000; padding:0 10px 5px 0px; margin:5px 0px 5px 0px}

#3 Edit location

@page {
	size: US-Letter;
	margin: 30pt 25pt 40pt 25pt;
	padding: 5pt 5pt;
	@bottom { content: flow(pdffooter); }
	@top { content: flow(pdfheader); }
	**background: url(images/axiom-watermark.jpg) center no-repeat; **

Or make a copy of the css file format that your using and rename it to blackWlogo.css (or whatever color you use) then edit it that with the above info. It will show up as a new print format.

Good luck!

I’m going to try this. I changed my watermark again. Instead of the grayscale, I did a faded color version. There were three locations on the Nachi template where I had to edit the watermark, but you’re saying I only need to add it in two places on the other templates?

That’s great! Make sure if you use one of those other colors to start with, that you add in the following code at the top (this is the 3rd place). This tells the software to copy this special image file with the rest of the report. You can see this code at the top of the InterNACHI stylesheet as an example.


Jared, Mike at HG sent you an email with his attempt :

Hi Jared,

I took a look at making a watermark for your reports. You said it was looking too busy in your report, and I see what you mean with the text and shading in your logo, so one thought I had was to take the graphic element and use that on its own as a watermark. I removed the shading from it to simplify it some as well. I have attached a file to this email message that you can try.

Mike McHugh

Thanks Steve for your expertise and help!

Thanks for the help - You guys ROCK!!!

Scott - The section logos was a great idea.

How’s the Modesto/Manteca area treating you?
I went to School at East Union High

You’re welcome, it really is a nice program. Really the most versatile inspection software out there by offering the greatest range of aesthetic styled reports, well at least thats my opinion.

What style and format are you using?

From my experience I removed the watermark from my reports, even gray scaling and lowering opacity made my report look a little to busy for my liking. Perhaps you’ll have better results.

I modified the internachi template. Here’s a screenshot of my first attempt. I have since changes it.

This is the one I’ll be using. Faded version of my logo.

Looks good to me, better than my version in fact! Play with it some more, there are several freeware photo editing software programs out there to do it yourself.

I edited my initial post of the 3rd location to edit in your css file. I apologize for the confusion.

If you need help editing a particular css file let me know which one you want to use and I can give it a shot.

Thanks. I have Photoshop Elements, but not on the computer I was using.

I thought this was worthwhile recycling. This is my final product.

Somebody might find this useful.

Bringing this back to the top.

Having difficulty with this.

It’s tricky.

It is very easy to add a watermark in Word…