Adding Narrative to Report Summary

I am a new buyer for HIP. I am working on adding comments and other bits of info, but I am having trouble finding where I can add a narrative in the “Report Summary” part, before the list of problems at the end.

I want to add something similar to the sample found on the Home Inspector Pro website for Texas.

BTW I am in Texas and have to use the required TREC form. May be a simple solution, but I haven’t found it yet.


A couple of ways.

You can just add it as any other comment.

Of, go to “add document” and then choose from the drop down list where you want to the document to appear, and click on the check box. You often have to play with it to get to to look right, but it works.

Great! Thank You. I will give that a try. Still learning all the functions and buttons of the program. Appreciate the help.

What Ian said! Just remember in Texas you’re not allowed to add section introductions into other sections (against TREC rules) so there’s a few things locked that aren’t anywhere else. If you need more help feel free to leave a message on the help desk or email

I was about to add a new post until I saw this one.

I’ve just edited some narrative in the edit documents drop downs. Despite numerous attempts to fix, the paragraphs have disappeared so all text is as one and looks terrible. I’ve tried inserting multiple paragraph breaks but once I generate it all bunches together. It was all ok until I added an extra sentence.

Thanks for the help,


Till Dom answers use this to edit and try copy /paste .

Ah, I didn’t see Edit Documents in your Facebook post. Make sure you’re not pasting text from another program like Word or from the Web. Paste into Notepad first which will strip external formating, then paste into the document editor. Delete the document you’re working on first or just create a new one, then follow above.

Thanks Dom. I’m actually just typing directly into the document and not copying and pasting.