Adding price list to online scheduling question

Do you really have to do it manually? Isn’t there a way to get it from my dashboard to the scheduler? I have 44 items. I entered them into HG from Quickbooks, that was easy. I’m looking for more easy.

Where are these inputed on the scheduler exactly? I don’t use that function but maybe able to figure it out.

On the HG site hover over “Dashboard” to bring up submenu. At “Settings & Options” click on “Business Scheduler Options”, then click on “Manage Inspection Services”. This is where you enter your services and prices. I don’t see another option.

I did get a response from Russell on the HG site, where I asked the same question.
“Hi Frank,
I don’t think there is a way to do it. They should be exactly the same and import or sync etc. I agree. The scheduler is adequate for many inspectors but for others it is not because of its clunky design. We are currently building a better appointment Maker that is super cool. The old scheduler will remain so until the new one is released and can do all that feel free to use this one.”

Bummer. Get on it Russell!:slight_smile:

Sorry Frank, I don’t have HG services, but looks like Russell is on it.

Okay, I got it done. It wasn’t too bad. The items that are repetitious come up with autofill, so it didn’t take long. I added the scheduling feature to my website along with report access for clients and agents. I’m getting it all customized to my liking. Because of all the HG features, I’m happy with my decision to use HG.