Adding subpanel to load center, some help please

Hello All,

First off, I hope it is ok for me to post on this site in attempting to get some valuable information. I’m a DIY homeowner who’s done construction/electrical most my life (Dad was a contractor/engineer) which includes some full residential restorations for myself with permits.

I live in south Alabama and would appreciate responses by those who are familiar with the NEC and/or local codes, thanks.

Anyhow, I want to install a whole house surge protector but have a few challenges. Most notebly we have a lug only load center that is full (6 throw limit).

I am contiplating installing a 100amp subpanel to the load center via a short piece of metal conduit. I will then remove two 30amp circuits from the existing load center and place those into the new subpanel. That will allow me to hook up a SPD to a new 20amp dp breaker in the load center.


  1. Can I run the existing 30amp “circuit” wires(white/black/ground) through the metal conduit and into the new subpanel even though the plastic romex sheathing has been removed? Otherwise, must I splice the wires within the load center with some 10/2/g that still has sheathing and run that into the new subpanel?

  2. I have some some #2 awg wire but with a bare #8 ground(see pic). Will the ground wire suffice to feed the new subpanel? Just FYI, the electric meter box is earth grounded. It is attached with a short piece of metal conduit to the load center. Everything is properly bonded(metal cans, busses, ground bar) and the subpanel will be also due to metal conduit.

  3. I’m waiting to contact the License Dept. until I have finalized my plan. What are the odds they will make me cut the power for such a subpanel install? I have electrical gloves and rubber mats, etc. and my Dad will be on stand by. I ask because, if that is the case I may opt to just replace the panel.

Thanks, Ralph