Addition receptacle

Is it OK to install a 2nd receptacle below the main panel? If so does it need to be GFCI protected. House is 10 years old. Looks like it was added on for a basement computer.

If it is an unfinished basement it would still need to be GFCI protected.

unless it was installed under one of the following

A single receptacle or a duplex receptacle for two appliances located within dedicated space for each appliance that, in normal use, is not easily moved from one place to another and that is cord-and-plug connected or A receptacle supplying only a permanently installed fire alarm or burglar alarm system

And, in that case, they’d be in the working space of the panel, and be a violation of their own.

Easier Mike to keep the answers to the question the HI posts…anything other than their question tends to confuse.

So as it pertains to this question (ie: picture ) if the location of this panel is unfinished it should be on GFCI.