Inspected house yesterday in which the addition appeared to not be attached to the existing home. A foundation wall was poured but not tied into the house. In between the house and addition their is a 3 inch gap covered with siding. The floor in the home has shifted, and the deck attached to the addition has moved. There are no cracks in the drywall and the windows open and close OK. How would you write this up. Attached are photos showing the gap.

foundation 001.jpg

foundation 009.jpg

foundation 002.jpg

An addition nor its foundation necessarily has to be attached to the primary structure…provided each is structurally stable in its own right.

Its not possible to determine what you have shown is by design or due to any fault.

The column gearing an end of the girder does not have any apparant mortar between courses and is a problem unless the block is grouted solid…

Otherwise it’s just ahrd to tell if what you are indicating is just bad workmanship/planning/design or a structrual defect.

If in doubt refer to a structural professional for further analysis.