Additional Revenue Stream for U.S. Inspectors

If you’d like to participate in the program (for U.S. inspectors only), you can sign up right now and start getting inspection jobs by visiting

It’s free for members to participate in the program (job leads, training, software, and roof materials are all free for members). You don’t have to be a certified home inspector to participate; just a member.

We have an online Hangout event on August 6, 2014. Visit…jm5mg4m73hcj5c for details.

If you register (by visiting this registration page), I’ll send a reminder when the event date gets closer.

Note: This program is for inspectors in the U.S. only.

New event for the Roof Data Program. Thursday August 14, 2014.


Ben just wondering how this would work when the closet Lowes is 50 miles away to the SE and you had something NE. Will they pay travel also or is it just a bust near Madison, WI. because there is no Lowe’s

If there’s no Lowe’s close to you, email Kelsea. We’ll have to set something up with you by trying to find a shingle distributor partner nearby who might have the shingle materials you’ll need. Her contact info is

Thanks Ben I am on it

I signed up yesterday. I have more than a few Lowe’s near me.

You live in Calif. :shock: hmmmm nope not driving there either:D:D

Not even for travel time? :smiley:

Hmm maybe a vacation and then pickup some shingles and call it mileage for taxes :D:D:D