Addressing the Deceit of the President of CMI

My total lack of respect and disregard for you in your honorary position is far from hatred, John.

Embarassment is a better word to describe it.

Do you support Mike Rowan’s statement that a membership in NACHI equates to an ASHI Candidate?

My total lack of respect and disregard for you in your honorary position is far from hatred, John.

Embarassment is a better word to describe it.

Do you support Mike Rowan’s statement that a membership in NACHI equates to an ASHI Candidate?

My total lack of respect and disregard for you in your honorary position is far from hatred, John.

Embarassment is a better word to describe it.

Do you support Mike Rowan’s statement that a membership in NACHI equates to an ASHI Candidate?

In light of your support for a vendor who, as a member of ASHI, has posted that members of NACHI equate to ASHI candidates, I call for your immediate resignation of your honorary position. Your pretense to be supporting Nick does not even fool him.

As a former contractor who is not licensed to inspect homes in your own state, you have no business reviewing the first 100 inspections of new inspectors, anyway. You do not nor have you ever held a home inspection license in your own state. Nor are you qualified by your state to teach home inspection classes on your own.

Time for you to go, John.

You are definetely out of line.

Hi! John;
I have to agree with you on your last statement on this post, James the DONKEY Bushart is a complete A$$.
He was the final straw that made my mind up to step down as Chapter President of the Long Island Chapter of NACHI.
When someone makes statements that are not true on this B/B it travels like a wildfire, retractions mean nothing because the damage is done because of mr.DONKEY and his big mouth. I am so happy that he is in the A$$hole of nowhere. When he was gone for about a year it sure was nicer around here.
I’m sorry to say it but NACHI doesn’t need mr. DONKEY to stir up crap for all to see and hear.
Just my opinion;
Regards Len Ungar

Thanks, Len.

Perhaps John will follow your example and step down, as well.


You got to admit that James was right about Rowan. James can be an a$$ sometimes but he is usually right. He is a hot headed bastard but he has his moments. James does not like Rowan that is very clear. After the crap Mr. Rowan pulled today, I am certain that I do not like him either. I was never a person to hate somebody, but I do now. James was right all along. Now off with Rowan’s head.

Please explain?

I too, disagree with your statement

Now, and in the future, anyone has the right to post an abuse they have suffered
from a vendor or complain about an injustice they have suffered.

CMI members paid their dues, followed the rules, submitted to the verification
process, fulfilled their qualifications and now abide by those standards.
When Mr Rowan became president of CMI he publicly tried to change
those agreements made to CMI’s. When that failed, he started promoting
ANOTHER designation over CMI, for his own profit.

Is there anyone here that would run your business that like that and
do this to the people you were appointed to help?

John Bowman… would you do this to your people? Do you think
Nick ask Mr Rowan to do this to the CMI members? Answer me.

Then how the hell are we suppose to stand by and like it!!!

If James feels strongly about this injustice, then he is free to speak
for those who suffer. It may not be popular, but at least he has
some balls.

I like you John Bowman, and I like James… so no hard feelings
either way. But some things need to be said.

John is on staff here at nachi, whether james likes it or not and deserves some respect, whether he likes it or not. He also supports are founder Nick Gromicko in his decision to allow Mike in his current position. If Nick wants him out, he’ll be out, if not, then he’ll stay. No matter what James says… John is simply supporting Nick until Nick decides otherwise… Its really simple.

This is the first time that I have ever been complimented in such a way that, when it was over, my a$$ hurt.:wink: :smiley: :smiley:

Suggestion…you know what would be nice and would probably publically aid the CMI program as well is this…

1.) If our webmaster ( Chris ) could move all CMI related topics to the members only area so they are not OPENLY public.

2.) Make sure our members post topics regarding the CMI issues in the members only area in the future.

Nothing against any of it guys…you know my stance now on it but I am thinking about NACHI and how it reflects, we all know it has issue in regards to the CMI thing…but no need for it to be googled nationwide while the growing pains are worked out.

I am not fighting anyones statements…this is only a viewers suggestion and nothing more…:slight_smile:

We have PLENTY of room in the " Members Only " topic folder for years of debates…lol

EDIT: oh I know…this is the POT calling the kettle black…I have had my own little spats in open areas but we also get wiser as we get older…and dang it…today I am fellin OLDer…

John Bowman, I do not mean this in an ugly way, but of all the staff here at Nachi, I cannot figure out for the life of me if you are pro nachi or no nachi. help me out here please? :o


I am sympathetic to what concerns you…but CMI is not an issue limited to only NACHI members. Any discussion of it should be public.

Bowman invited the responses he received. This is no “spat”. Ken Lott is not the only person who questions Bowman’s motives since the accusations presented following the Florida convention. I have yet to see him act in the interest of the membership that did not enhance his own enterprises since that convention. I question his loyalties as well. Executive Directors, no matter how impotent in power or authority, should be able to stand up to public scrutiny for their actions.


I actually MET John in Canada and I have to tell you he is a wonderful man…atleast from my impression of him and with talking to him I found he had a deep commitment to NACHI and Nick Gromicko.

I think he is like any of us…we have our disagreements and so on, I support NICK myself but it just so happens I don’t support the current direction of the CMI…that is all.

I am going to get slammed here for saying this…as politics are not a good analogy…but I supported President Bush 100%, I still support President Bush but I might not always agree with his policy or directions sometimes but he demands my respect and support, If I was on his cabinet I would support him regardless of my feelings as that is my JOB…otherwise people resign from that position if they wish to VOICE against someone.

I think John supports NICK…and if NICK supports Mr. Rowan’s direction we just have to support NICK and hope he knows what he is doing as he guides this ship.

I wont call for anyones resignation publically…It is not my place ( yep I am a pu$$y…but you all knew that ) but I will say I think the CMI could do better and should not be developed as anything second class in my opinion.

John is a good man…now I don’t know things like if he dresses up in womans clothes and so on at night…do ya JOHN…lol…but what I can say is I had a chance to chat with him for 3 days in a row and the man was great and supported NACHI 100%…

Just my take on it…

Not saying that James…just since most of the posts here are from NACHI members and I dont see any outside sources entering the debate I guess I was thinking of the better good of NACHI over the CMI’s better good since NACHI is where the heart is.

Nothing more…


You are a vendor and a NACHI member.

Share your thoughts with us.

John Bowman, in several other threads, gave what he termed his “full support” to Mike Rowan. Only in this thread has he changed his “full support” for Rowan to the convenient and politcally correct “support for Nick’s selection of Rowan”.

Tell us, as a member, if you support - even a little bit - the actions and the postings of Mike Rowan.