Adhesive Guidance

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I am looking at doing some reno work to my basement. Problem is that the walls are all cement blocks. Want to put up drywall on the blocks to make it look better.
Looking for an adhesive that adheres drywall to cement without using drywall screws.
Any advise or knowledge of best adhesives to use would be appreciated.



My advise is to not even attempt it. You would be creating a longterm headache that you’ll soon regret. Spend the minimal cash to do it right… see here…

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What a great page. This is what I wanted to do along the main walls I have to cover. The reason I was looking for a good adhesive was for small lbock walls and ends. Example, behind the toilet and along the vanity wall. I guess I should have been more explicate.
Thanks for the info. Definetly going to use the info.

When I’ve finished basements in the past I’ve either used the furring strip method or just framed it out using 2x4’s (if space permits).

To secure lumber to concrete make sure to get one of these at Lowes or Home Desperate. It will be worth the $$.

Unless you are really pushed for space Allen…2x4 framing makes life so much simpler…the cost savings going any other way are just too minimal to make the extra work involved running wires , plumbing and anything else You might run into seem worth it…I also reccomend a treated bottom plate…jmo…jim

A vapour barrier should go in behind the drywall, so glue wouldn’t work anyway. Use the furring strips as suggested above.
There are screws available for fastening to concrete blocks. All that’s required is the right size drill bit, drill the pilot holes, drive in the screws with an electric drill. Avoid the smaller size screws, they tend to bind up and snap off in the hole. :mad:

John Kogel

Tapcon are top shelf, imo

If you absolutely have to fasten the drywall to block, without furring or studding, your best method is to laminate the board to the wall. Put beads of drywall mud on the back of the board, put in place and put the odd concrete nail into the mortar joints. When the mud dries, the board wont move.

Do not forget ear plugs.

For CMU, a Masonry bit and Lead anchors would do the trick

What about a vapor barrier and insulation???

Just paint the block a nicer color…